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5 ways to show your interviewer you really want that job

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If you’re currently applying for a role you really want, and you’re eager to prove to your interviewer that it’s not just any job you want, but this one in particular, then you’re in the right place!

Planning this in advance is a great idea, and is one step on your way to success. 

So the question is, how do you show your interviewer your enthusiasm for the job?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Do you research

Before you even think about going to the interview, start by doing your homework. With information available so easily online, there’s never been an easier time to do this. Take a look at the company website, their social media channels, and any recent press releases. Checking their social media accounts can be a great way to gain a better understanding of the company culture, which can help you decide if this is really the job for you. 

All the information you learn at this stage can be reflected on in the interview. In doing this you’re letting your interviewer know that you’ve taken the time to do your research. 

  1. Practice, practice, practice!

Before you go to your interview, take time to think about some of the questions you may be asked in an interview, and think of answers you could give that really show how you’re the right person for the job. 

Cross-reference your CV against the job application to see if there are any previous projects, roles, or training courses that you have completed that would be relevant to this role. 

Try practising your answers out loud to make sure you’re completely comfortable with them before going to your interview. 

  1. Ask Questions

The interview itself is a great place to learn more about the role and get a feel for the company. 

Think about questions that relate directly to the role, such as stakeholders to the role, measurements of success, expectations in your first few weeks, and what tools you’ll have at your disposal to exceed those expectations. 

You can also find out more about the company itself and the culture by asking your interviewer questions. 

This will demonstrate your enthusiasm for the role on a number of levels. 

Firstly, it will show your interviewer that you want the job enough to prepare and think of questions ahead of time. Secondly, you’ll show off your enthusiasm for the role and the company as a whole. Finally, you’ll be able to strengthen your own answers using any answers you get to your questions as insight, therefore demonstrating attentiveness in the interview. 

  1. Remember your body language

This is an important part of the interview, even if your interviewer is taking place over a video call (you can read our tips on video interviews here). 

A smile and controlling your hands while speaking both contribute to showing enthusiasm during the interview.

  1. Your final pitch

After the questions and answers, before you leave the interview, wrap up with a short pitch, explaining how you are the perfect candidate for the role. Don’t forget to practice this at home beforehand. You want to come across clear, concise, and full of enthusiasm for the role. This could be the part that really makes you stand out from the other candidates. 

If you want to show enthusiasm for the role in an interview, it really comes down to how well prepared you are. 

If you’re ready to test these tips out in an interview, register your details with us today to see if we can help you find your ideal role